Saturday, February 09, 2013

Self Portrait a'la Andy Warhol

We had an assignment in my illustration class to do a self portrait.  I loathe pictures of myself and don't really like taking pictures with people in them (does that say something about me?).

My idea was to take a picture of myself and turn it into a stencil or stamp and then put that image on different things I have an interest in.  So this is the result.....

In Photoshop, I cut out my face and put it on a transparent background and then used a 'stamp' filter.  Then I printed off the picture on different papers.  Then I glued them to a 9 x 16 sheet of drawing paper.

From top left to right:

1.  knitting/crocheting
2.  reading/books/writing
3.  drawing/painting/photography
4.  music/entertainment
5.  cooking/food
6.  fine arts/history
7.  gardening/plants
8.  fabric/textiles/sewing (was actually printed on fabric)
9.  coffee/tea!
10. puzzles/games
11. travel
12. nature/outdoors

I don't think anyone has to worry about their Andy Warhol art going down in price anytime soon. But now I have a dozen images of myself, starring at me.  

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