Friday, May 31, 2013

Looking Back....

My trip to North Carolina to pack up my house was very bittersweet.  I moved to North Carolina 25 years ago because I had gotten off the plane and it felt like home.  I moved from Dallas to Raleigh, while the others on the trip decided not to move.  I wasn't even planning on it.  Now, here I am 2400 miles away from the world I grew up in and know well.  It is exciting to start a 'new life'...retirement, new home, new grand baby.

So a couple of pictures from my trip to North Carolina.  I did do a quick detour by Mount Rushmore on my way there.  After all, Kayden saw it at two days old.

What can you say, Mount Rushmore is Mount Rushmore.  Impressive to be sure.

Then on my way into North Carolina, the Smokey Mountains put on a fine display for me, showing me how they earned their name.

North Carolina and Montana both have mountains, but they are completely different.  You can feel the age and settledness in the Smokies.  The ones here in Montana seem raw and energized.  I can't wait to explore them more. 

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