Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Belle Is Complete!

Savvy and her friends are going as the Disney Princesses in every day clothes this year at Animazement.  So during the move, I have been sewing and getting her outfit ready.  Once again we did one of those "send me your measurements" and "what picture am I copying" jobs being anywhere between 2400 and 1700 miles apart.

So "Belle" is finished and in a box, ready to be dropped into priority mail for shipment back to North Carolina, where it will await her arrival next week. 

I did add an extra touch on the apron, which you can't see in the picture.  I stitched, in white, one of the fancy stitches on my simple little Singer sewing machine.  I figured the apron at least can be used for more than just the costume.  Of course, she might use it at work this Halloween too.

But it's done and I'm on to the huge pile of quilts I am wanting to make.  There are a couple of 'Batman' themed ones for Texter first, and then onto some fun ones for me.  Once my stash gets here from North Carolina, there will be 2-3 Asian inspired quilts I will be working on.  And a 'manly' blue and cream quilt for Savvy's significant other.

These days I'm just an old sew-and-sew.

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