Monday, September 09, 2013

Jewel-like and Yummy

I was lucky enough to be able to go to Tizer Gardens and pick their raspberries.  (They needed them picked and I was available at the last minute.)  So I took my share home and put them in the freezer as I knew I couldn't touch them for a few days.  The berries were on the small size compared to the ones you get in the grocery store, but packed with flavor.  Then I searched for the 'perfect' jam recipe.  I wanted something with a little more than just a plain jam.  And then I found this....Raspberry-Grand Marnier Jam on Beanilla. 

Aren't they just beautiful.  And they taste as good as they look.  I got 11 half-pints and 1 almost full pint of jam from the recipe (and some berries left over, so there might be some more made).  The jam has a strong raspberry taste, but you get the undertones of the orange from the zest and Grand Marnier.  A very easy recipe to make with tremendous results.

As it turns out I now have a small stockpile of orange zest.  Texter wanted orange-aide and I needed orange zest, so I bought a bag of oranges.  I zested and she squeezed, so it was a win-win situation.  There is a baggy of zest in the freezer for future use.  Same with the lemons.  I needed juice for the recipe, so I zested the lemons and put in the freezer.  Can you tell I have a new zester tool?

But back to the jam.  I have made buttered toast for the past couple of mornings and spread on the jam and it is out of this world.  I have to set 3-4 jars aside for Savvy as I know she will really appreciate it.  I know some people will complain about the seeds in the jam, but they have little impact, other than visual.  They aren't hard and don't get in the way.

So now I need to try it on biscuits......

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