Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Morning with Lady K

Instead of trotting downstairs with Lady K this morning so I could work on my homework, I had to stay upstairs (overnight guests downstairs asleep).  So I caught up on my blog reading on Texter's computer and watched Dr. Who to catch up on the series.  Let the dogs in and out of the backyard, filled the bird feeder with a few minutes worth of seeds and drank some coffee.  A slow start to a Saturday morning (and perhaps what I needed).

But we get a far amount of light in the living room with the big, double patio doors, even with it facing north.  And Lady K was up and playing, despite a really runny nose (change in weather, teething, both?) and my camera I have been keeping by the little coffee table so I can take bird pictures was right there, so I decided to do a little photo work. All the pink and aqua looked good in the light.  Although I am not really into 'people pictures', I find myself taking more these days (wonder why?).
So here is my Saturday morning photo play.....

Runny nose and all, we are all bright-eyed and ready to play.  

We can be serious and attentive too.

And who is going to get into trouble whenever she can?

Please note the highlights on the eyes.  This is something that was drilled into us during the photography class I took in the spring.

A little sleepy and watching grandma.

Lady K and Mojo.  Both of the dogs are good with her.  Except for when she is on the floor and they want to do something and they sometimes forget that she isn't part of the floor and almost step on her.  But Mojo loves to come up and she digs those little hands into his fur and pulls.  He just licks her face and then she tries to lick his.  So I am not worried about when she really starts getting active and can toddle and hang and pull.  Mojo is the one that will lay down with her.  Actually, I think he is waiting for her to burp milk so he can lick it up.  Dogs....what can you say.

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