Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week In Review - April 10 - 16

This is how I want to be feeling, all warm and growing and productive.  Instead, this is how things have been going...

All cold and yucky.  

Actually, our 'snow event' wasn't all that bad here on the 'farm'.  We did get a blanket of wet snow for a bit, but it melted as the day went on.  Just a couple of cold, rainy/snowy days.  Days I had to get out and go to work instead of burrowing into warm blankets and reading.

Otherwise, this week I...
  • replanted some seeds which I managed to kill the seedlings on
  • read a book to Lady K's class
  • doctor visit for head and finger - different nasal spray to hopefully get rid of this stuff in my head and a future visit for a shot of steroids in my trigger finger
  • worked at the library on Friday with our computers down for public use - it was very quiet!
  • finished 3 books (and a couple of reviews to come)
  • walked only 59% of my goal, 41,031 steps
  • wrote 3 posts
  • cleaned house and caught up on most of the laundry

The above is my list for 'to-do's' this weekend.  I have managed to actually cross a nice chunk off by Saturday evening.  This is despite having a litter of 9 week old Brittany Spaniels over for a visit on Saturday.

I realized part of my 'yucky' feeling lately (other than my head and throat) is I haven't been working my planner like I should.  I get so much more accomplished and really feel better when I do.  So it's back on track now.  

Today will be a desk day.  I can work on several projects which involve clearing things off my desk and still keep an eye on Lady K while Texter is doing homework.

But first, blueberry muffins for breakfast (and another cup of coffee!)

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