Sunday, March 27, 2005

Huzzah! No Pictures!!?!?!?!

Okay, there are suppose to be pictures of "maids" in Ren Faire outfits, along with this "Good Mother", however, guess our roles overcame the camera and when I went to download pics this am to show what I have been doing......NO PICTURES!

Two weeks of sewing my little fingers off....okay, really, only one week since I have been on vacation. But the last couple of days were chaotic as they needed more volunteers to hand out flyers on Easter Sunday at the gate and Trumpet Princess (already feeling left out) and Goth Daughter's friend were more than willing to help out. So with a package of Rit Dye (green) to dye left over muslin and a couple of old sheets (Anyone want to give me new sheets? Double Bed!) scarves and they became "Gypsies of Fantasy" and participated.

But we will be doning said costumes again today, so I will try yet again to take pictures. You will notice in my picture (when finally posted) why Weight Watchers I have now joined. 2.8 pounds last (and first) week I'll have you know. However, with the past few days I have not been doing as I should have. My only consolation is that I really haven't been eating correctly and I walked from about 10:30am yesterday until about 8pm. There was a period of sitting where I knitted......yes, I knitted at the Ren Faire......the start of a pair of hose!

On the home front, my kitchen/living/sewing room looks like a bomb went off in it. Monday (still off from work) will be spent at least reordering my house and getting my bedroom floor cleared off so I can walk into it without feelings of dread and doom.

I did manage to get this little shawl done with some Fiesta I had purchased last year. It looked so bright and cheery and it's been so back and forth weatherwise here, I thought I would knit my own spring.

Spring Shawl out of Fiesta

Close up of shawl. Doesn't it look like pansy colors?

The only downside to the Ren Faire is that there is suppose to be rain at the time we are handing out program guides. Like I froze my butt off yesterday and am hopeing the sniffles I have this morning are sinus/allergies and not COLD! Yes, we experienced Elizabethan weather yesterday......overcast, cool (low 50's) and light wind.

Hopefully tomorrow I can be back at posting regularly and knitting regularly and walked through my room! With no COLD!


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