Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sunday, Part II, The Spinning Bug!

Since it is a few hours until we have to dress up again, I'm moving very, very slowly today and plan on a late morning nap before going back to Ren Faire, and I haven't posted in awhile, here are a couple of random thoughts.....

Spring is here and those "birds" are back!

This is my desk, semi-cleaned off , with the ball of Fiesta I made my shawl out of. Ok, so you got the "after" before the "before picture! Bug off! Despite the up and down temps, spring is striking North Carolina!

SPINNING..... I have been infected by the spinning bug. Symptoms include...

1. Desire for wooden things which "drop".
2. Desire for "fuzzy" stuff called roving, both in "natural" and "colored" forms.
3. Knowledge that drafting isn't something just done in Nascar races.
4. Want koolaid, but not to drink!

I have been toying with the thought for several weeks now and have gone so far as to purchase Spin It by Lee Raven. I do admit however, that making my own drop spindle from old CD's does not hold much attraction. At the Ren Faire, one of the girls was spinning on a wheel and she and I got to talk for awhile. Just watching her makes me see why people find it relaxing. She did show my how to spin with the drop spindle, but unfortunately, we didn't have a chance for me to try my hand at it. But there are a couple of stores in the area which I can take lessons from. One will do it one-on-one with me. Let's see, Mother's Day is coming up.....hey, girls, Mom wants spindles for Mother's Day!


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