Saturday, March 12, 2005

Little knitting, not enough sewing

Although my "Faire Speak" class isn't until next Saturday, I have figured out that chemise is Elizabethan English for "you, the kids and a couple of tent poles". I will publicly admit that I am between a size *& and @% and that I went with the @% as I wanted it to be "loose". Don't have to worry about shrinkage with this muslin. In fact, praying for it. But this is my life recently....chemise, bodices, skirts, capes.....little knitting. Reading up on Elizabethan life, watching Elizabeth and Shakespeare in Love while at the sewing machine. Luckily, Spring Break is the week before everything has to be finished, so it will get done....hopefully....maybe....sure it will!


But my little sister sent me a box of "goodies" last week. She works in the administrative offices for a large craft store (cough, cough) and went to one of their sample sales and picked this up for me.

Stash enhancement via little sister.

The blue and white "plushy" Polarspun in the center has already been tagged by Trumpet Princess for her own. The Woolease in denim and navy in the front is suppose to go toward some of the knitted flowers. The rest are all mine! But since I have Ren Faire costumes to make and the acceptance for band camp came in the mail yesterday, this is as close to stash enhancement I will be getting for a llloooonnnnggggg time.

But I am really on the look-out for a sleevess, mock turtleneck sweater I can knit in cotton (or something similar) for the summer. That is my one thing I'll still "put out for" in the next couple of months.

So, off to finish putting in the sleeves in Goth Daughter's Faire outfit and then onto skirts!


  1. My very first FO was a scarf made out of that very color of Polarspun. It's very soft. Smart Trumpet Princess.

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