Saturday, August 18, 2007

D and E and F

Trumpet Princess got her own mohawk disappeared before pictures could me made. Along with a knit tie. But did manage to pin this down long enough to get a picture made.
So I think I only have about 100 more things to make out of Pretty in Punk but have stopped in favor of getting some socks finished up (that were started eons ago!)

D is for....

Daughters - I have 2 wonderful ones. Completely different, but each equally fantastic in their own ways.

Daring - I wish I was. At least in my mind I think I am at times, but for the most part I'm not.

Dogs - I prefer dogs over cats, but I have 3 cats right now. Dogs require more effort than cats, but I still like them better.
E is for....

Eating - it's something I do, but don't put much thought into it. I would like to become a more "thoughtful" eater and enjoy the process and the result more, rather than just fixing something because it's time to eat.

Enjoyment - would like to get more enjoyment out of life. Many times I feel like I am just rushing from one thing to another, mindlessly, without really enjoying what I do. Actually one thing I do enjoy is going to my local bookstore and spending a couple of quiet hours, with my coffee and books and magazines, writing and reading.

Ex-Patriot - I would like to have the "daring" and the "finances" to become an ex-pat. Italy, England, Scotland?

F is for...

Friend - I am lucky I have a few wonderful friends, one in particular. Although, sometimes I feel like I am not a very good friend.

Finances - would like to be better at them. Love algebra, can't balance my checkbook!

Farmer's Market - enjoy going to the market, especially early in the morning before it gets crowded. Need to do it more.

Fountain Pens - I LOVE fountain pens. I have a couple, one handmade out of wood, and I guard them jealously.

Fantasy - I enjoy reading it and writing it.

Food - would like to have a great appreciation and really enjoy it for itself more.

Well, off to get dressed and go sew on a football field sized American flag for the band. Guess I'll be seeing red, white and blue today!

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