Sunday, August 05, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me

I decided to join in on the Encyclopedia of Me meme started by Bella Dia. I have visited her site in the past and enjoy it every time I stop for a moment.


A is for -

Age - I will be 50 in a couple of months and am looking forward to it...sort I can start the 2nd half of my life and do things better/right/more fun this time.

Active - wish I was more active. A friend started running recently and is entering marathons now. I sat through the Tour de France and wanted to start riding a bike again (first have to get one), so I will try to walk more and do more yoga.

Appalachian Trail - I would like to hike at least part of this trail, but that would require me to be more ACTIVE!

Asparagus - wished I liked it in more than just our family asparagus casserole. It looks so elegant and people who eat it look like they are knowledgeable and sophisticated.

Apples - love crisp, tart apples, the kind when you bit into them your toes curl.

Ample - I am a little more "ample" than I would care to be. But to change my ampleness I would have to increase my activeness.

ARTIST - I would like to see myself as more of an artist. Others have called me an artist, but somehow the critic in my brain doesn't allow me to. But the critic is getting smaller each day.

B is for -

Bitchy - which I can be at any given moment

Butter on Bread - I love to put butter on crunchy, crispy, chewy bread, which means bakery made not from the store in a wrapper bread.

Bees - like bees, wish people were nicer to bees, no food. Makes me regret all the times I caught honey bees in jars and shook them up as a child. But you don't see bees on clover much anymore.

Balance - I would like more balance in my life.

Breeze - I love the feel of an autumn or spring breeze through the window, especially at night through an open window.

Bed - I love bed, I don't like sharing my bed, I like clean, soft sheets on my bed.

Better - sometimes I wish I was a better friend/mother/person and then other times I realize I am really better than I think I am.

C is for -

Cats - the "girls" have 3...which I eat and water and am not really all that emotionally attached to (maybe)

Creative - wish I was more creative, but then maybe I am more creative than I think I am

Critic - I have the world's largest and harshest inner critic or at least I blame it for not doing things at times

Crafty - I am "crafty" in the whole "artsy/crafty" way...more crafty than artsy, but working on changing that balance

Color - want more color in my life. Who says you have to wear blacks and navy's and browns when you reach a certain age or that they "look good on you". I want more color.

Caring - would like to feel I was more caring

Careful - wish I was less careful about what people might think and more "me doing"

Crochet - I would like to crochet a bedspread like my grandmother did

Chocolate - I have advanced to the age where quality is more important than quantity...but quantity will do in a pinch

Coffee - never thought I would get hooked on it...but there is something about that first sip in the morning (or night). Of course, some would argue with all the sugar/milk I put in my coffee it is really a sugared latte.

Candles - love candles, lighting candles, scented candles soft and cozy and calming

Ok, that's it for now....have to think of the other letters!

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