Sunday, January 06, 2008

Blurry, but nice.....

I haven't given it to her obviously and it is very blurry, but this is a bracelet I created for BF birthday. There is also a pair of earrings to go with it.

Please note it is pinned onto an old dress form I will be using for the Ren Faire costumes I have to sew up.

But the bracelet was fun to create. I made some charms out of shrink plastic, drilled holes in some shells (because she loves the sea) and collected or created charms which represent different aspects of her and/or our friendship. There is even a big jingle bell so she will remember to go through life making a joyful noise rather than just being there.

I made 2 other bracelets for myself. One is a charm bracelet with bottle caps on it and the other is beads and a lot of polymer clay pieces I drilled holes in and strung on there.

If nothing else we'll make a lot of noise when we wear them and isn't that what life's about.

So far, in 6 days, I have walked almost 7 miles. Pretty good being on vacation and with all that has been going on. My goal is to get 100 miles in the month, so will be stepping up the activity level. I wonder what an evening of playing on the Wii counts for?

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