Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Ok, I know I have started walking to/from work for various reasons, mainly health. However, I did not anticipate the reactions I would get from friends and co-workers...a disbelieving "you walked?"

I figured if I lived further north and east, commuting, at least partially under foot power would not be unusual. It seems we have gotten a little spoiled with the "leave from your front door and park at the front door at work".

So, here are some of the reasons I am walking more now....

1. My health. I am 5'10" and turned 50 in September and weighed 237 pounds at the time. I am still 5'10" and still 50, but in that length of time, I am now down to 216, mainly from watching what I eat. Now I am adding exercise which this body is not use to, being a
reader/writer/knitter/needleworker/tv watcher person. My goal, to get below 200 by
the end of 2008.

2. I only loose about 30 minutes in each direction each day walking to/from work. Yes, I
could have started a load of wash or dishes, but mainly that is time I would have probably
come home and napped, and now with more energy from walking, I am less in need of a
nap in the afternoons.

3. GAS! At $3.00 plus, even when I don't make long trips anywhere, I am filling up about
every 10 days or so to the tune of $40.00. If I walk, then I find myself only filling up
1 time a month. That's a few $$$$ that I'm saving, not to mention the wear and tear on
the car and the environment.

4. Planning. I weigh my trips out more and combine trips or cut out trips entirely.

5. has helped so much with my depression to get out and walk. Not only is my
physical health improving, but so is my mental health. Stepping briskly along, listening to
my favorite podcasts, noticing the trees are starting to bloom, the air-be it cold or warm,
all does a lot for me.

So, yes, I walked all the way to work and back. It's just under 2.5 miles in each direction. It takes me about 45 minutes to go one way. Yes, I'm going to do it in all weather except rain....going to work wet is just too much. My goal is 100 miles a month, so by the end of the year I would have walked 1200 miles, or a little over 1/2 the Appalachian Trail. Come walk with me!

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