Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kindness of Strangers....and I WON!

I enjoy Earthenwood Beads blog and keep and eye on her beautiful creations. In late December she had a contest to giveaway 3 sets of her beads. I dutifully entered, not really expecting to win. I WON!

And these are the beads and I already have a ton of ideas on how to use them.
What is really great, even better than the beads themselves, it that on the day when my youngest was missing, I received notification I had won.
Ray of sunshine in the darkness.

Then on the day I actually received the beads, youngest (who had returned by then) and I had a blow-up and I sat in the grass in the very back of my yard, fondling the beads which I just got out of the mail box and cried. They were so beautiful and my life seemed so ugly right then. Really made me feel less of a failure at life, or at least motherhood, and that someone out there liked me.

So see, there is always hope.
See the 2 small square and 1 oval in the aqua color. I have a design in mind for them to find some pale blue seaglass and a couple of small pearls and string them on clear or white filament. I want it to be light and airy looking, having the oval hang down in the middle. As I slowly get things made with them I will post them here.



  1. These are beautiful...can't wait to see what you make with them...
    Remember to BREATHE...we must take care of ourself in order for others to see who we are...your daughter will work out hers also..things do get better....
    And I am doing a standing up cheering way for your walking...YOU GO!

  2. Lucky you! Those are lovely.
    Got plans for them yet?


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