Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday posting x 2

To show I haven't forgotten my "crafty", more hands on leanings and to prove I haven't been just a couch potato during my rainy vacation, here are a couple of items I have finished (or at least semi-finished).

First is the log cabin quilt I started almost a decade ago I believe. I finally have the top all pieced and have the backing (one big 108" piece of a beige on beige floral patterned flannel). I just need to get the batting (thank goodness for Joanne's coupons) and then I will complete. I am just going to tie the quilt rather than quilting it for 2 reasons. One, it's huge, 6 feet x 6 feet. Two, I'm lazy and quilting it would take forever.

The center of the blocks are from a piece of flannel I found ages ago which was patterned like cross stitch samplers and back then I was doing cross stitch night and day. So I cut out the houses to form the center of the blocks and then just used random flannel strips I had for the "logs" around the "cabin". I can't wait to finish this up and replace the decades old comforter I have on my bed.

The second item I have been working on this week are these tote bags. I had made 2 already for the Texter (skulls and monkeys) and her step-mom wanted some to take back to her family in California next week. Since she is taking the Texter with her on the trip (and they are making a surprise side trip which I can't mention yet) I told her to get the materials and I would sew them for her.

So the Tinker Bell (purple ones) are the ones I made for her. Made a fabric subsitution on one of them by using purple pre-quilted fabric for the bottom and replacing the black webbing she got with a light purple.

This is one of the 3 other totes I am making. I know a couple of them will be gifts for people, but I might make a few to sell. I have a lot of fabric I can use. Just need to get some more thick interfacing.

But I am really pleased with my color combinations, mixing stripes, florals and patterns together and they come out in an attractive tote bag. I do need to refine my sewing on of the bottom of the bags. I can't quite get the corners
"pretty" enough for me, but they aren't bad. One of the problems with making these bags is I like them all and want to get them. And while a girl can't have enough tote bags, there is a limit.

So, I have put in a good morning's work (completed 2 of the 4 bags), it's time for a sandwich and a nap.
By the way, I did mow my front lawn between rain storms.

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