Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thinking about moving

Thinking about moving. Out of an old, inefficiently heated/cooled house into an apartment. I have lived in an apartment before, but OD is looking forward to it.

Yes, I will giving up a "house" with a yard and 2 blocks from downtown to move about 3 miles. But cheaper rent, less on utilities, closer to work (about a 30 minute walk versus 50 minutes), right behind a store (that has a Starbucks inside it!), with swimming pool and fitness room.

So am working tons of hours so I can afford to move and have someone do the moving for me. At 50, I can't physically or mentally move all the house stuff by myself with a couple of friends. I'll pack, open the door and say "meet you there".

But right now I am trying to reduce everything by 50%. I started looking at the JUNK I have and don't even use or need. So over the next couple of months I will go through and get right of stuff. Decided not to yard sale stuff. Just too much junk and too much effort with the hours I will be working. Will keep you posted.


  1. Mebbe it's me . . . but it doesn't sound like you're "giving up a house" but more like you're getting a pool, a weight room, and more time (shorter commute and less to keep up).

    Not a bad trade at all.

  2. As someone who considers herelf a BF, I am for it - would LOVE the pool access


  3. Have never learned to leave you comments......hope this comes through

    Grisaile AKA CDL


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