Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last Day of Ren Faire


It's the last day of Ren Faire and after 2 weekends of cold, rainy weather we FINALLY got a break. Yesterday was warm and cloudy and we did have a period of downpour (as opposed to drizzle) and then clearing. Today, is sunny, comfortable (Baroness Wharton removed her sleeves) and beautiful.

Of course, as per my usual way of doing things, I have walked the faire way to many times, so I brought my laptop and found an internet connection via the fairgrounds network and am happily visiting blogs, writing and making my to-do list for what I want to accomplish before next year's fair.

But we are tired. After a week of 12 hour days (I work for an airline, need I say more) and then Faire, I really wish I was napping about now. But I have tomorrow off, with a list of house cleaning chores which reaches to the "needs to be swept and mopped floor".

And you know you are tired when you drive up to your house at the end of the day (last night) and 1 house away you pass the local power company truck and the street blocked off and a fire engine down the road. I had electricity, but my neighbors down the nearby street did not. And both OD and I were too tired to even find out why. Turns out during the downpour yesterday a large pine tree fell on the power line. Luckily no one was hurt and it was only a few people without power for a few hours.

So have about 3 more hours before I walk down and check out the final going-on's at the Royal Glade and get prepared to pack up and flee, I mean depart, for another year.





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  1. YEP... Love the short hair. You could do anything with it. You could leave it soft... spike it with Gel. Love it. I will probably get mine shorter. What a great outfit... beautiful.


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