Thursday, August 21, 2008

Walk in the Park

This is the front entrance to the unit I now live in. Although it is pretty enclosed as you walk in, they do have tons of lighting. It is a nice walkway to come home to.

Anyway, last week Arizona Boy was here for about a week. OD and Arizona Boy have been long distance "dating" for about 3 years now. She went out there and stayed with his family during spring break, so he came out here and stayed during summer break. Thank goodness for the passes I have as an airline employee and that they are young enough and "in love" enough to not mind being at the airport all day.

One day while I was off (Texter makes a great chaperon while I am working! Nothing like the little sister to keep everything on the up and up.) we decided to go for a walk around the lake behind us. OD and Arizona Boy loaded up on old bread and chips and off we went.

It was a lovely morning and off we went to feed the ducks, swans, geese and turtles. I have walked around the lake many times, but it was the first time I had taken one of the paths that lead down to the water on one side rather than walk on the paved pathway. I discovered there are 2 or 3 benches in the trees which will make a nice meditation, writing, or reading retreat.

They have also been adding some picnic tables at points around the lake rather than just in the "play" areas further away.

These are some of the mallards which abound at the lake.

These are the ones which would rather sleep than eat. I which I could stand on one leg on a rock and sleep. I wish I could just stand on one leg for any length of time.

OD and Arizona Boy dispense bread and chips to the "starving" ducks.

The walk around the park is 2.5 miles so it was a pleasant stroll, stopping to commune with nature...greedy little webbed footed things.

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