Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day of the Year

The weather is suppose to go from the 60's down into the 40's....more winter-like. I am waiting with baited breath because I just know winter is going to hit with a killer come January or February. The rest of the country has been hit, so I can't believe we will be spared. Texter is wanting snow, I'm not.

Fixed my 2nd "new" dish a couple of nights ago......once again I didn't take pictures. In fact, I am looking for the cord to download some pictures right now. It was Lemongrass Beef Skewers from Martha Stewart's magazine. Did not add the peanuts at the end, but served it with rice, fresh pineapple and the lettuce leaves.

Once again, a mixed response. Texter liked it. OD did not. It was ok, but I was pleased I had used lemongrass and fish sauce, neither of which I had cooked with before. OD did give me thumbs up for the presentation. It did look nice. Will I fix again, probably not. But it was easy to fix. Maybe if I did have a grill rather than having to cook them under the broiler it might change my mind a little.

Since I consider the "new year" starting after Christmas, I have now fixed 2 new meals in the new year. Have a 3rd one planned.

Better get dressed as I need to walk over to the library and pick up some books I had reserved and take some back. And then need to come home and get the Christmas decorations down and put away and start working on my quilts.

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