Sunday, September 04, 2011

August in Review

When I start my ‘new year’ in August, I promised myself I would review the month once it was finished and see what was happening.  August, my first month…..well, not quite what I had in mind.

IMG_0511  Only wrote about 1200 words in August (before school started).  and my exercise and eating, let’s say that sucks too.  No real meditation, unless you count a few minutes in bed before I drift of to sleep, trying to clear my monkey mind so I can sleep.

My problem lies, I think, in trying to get in sync with the school schedule, studying, working and juggling them all until they fit into a flow.  I feel that I’m finally getting there.  All the classes have different ‘weeks’, so that has thrown me of a bit.

I have started a new piece of work though – a large canvas.  Well, large for me.  But more of that to come.  Trying to get September in shape now.


  1. Take it month to month indeed .

  2. I always hate changes in schedule! When I worked AA rotating shifts I always was 'off'...come to think of it maybe I am just 'off' in general! I love the idea of doing a month review. Hope things are flowing a bit more easily. Remember - you're the hero!


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