Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Savvy….Red Mushrooms!

Yes, every child must grow up and fly the nest.  And I endorse that policy.  However, there are times I really do miss Savvy being 2200 miles away.  Like today.  When it's rainy and humid and there is fungus and mushrooms everywhere.

Why does Savvy and mushrooms go together.  Well, a while back we watched this foreign Asian film in which the hero and his mentor are on their journey and it takes them bounding through a forest.  Now everywhere they ‘bounded’ (and they were bounding) there were these bright red mushrooms.  We got to laughing that they were partaking of the ‘shrooms and not just running through the woods.

And what is popping up now that we have had some rain?  RED MUSHROOMS!

P9060094  To be completely honest, they are more of a bright orange, leaning toward red, than the mushrooms in the movie.  Those mushrooms were the candy red in a children’s book …. right before the wicked witch eats them.  But these little jewels are popping up all over the area I walk by with the dogs.  Plenty of leaves and pine straw for spores to grow in.  However, with a little internet research I don’t think I’m going to be chowing down on them anytime soon.

There are also these little gems.

P9060100  They are also bright, bright orange and about the size of my thumbnail.  There is a whole ‘patch’ of them in one area.  These are apparently Red chanterelles.  There is a whole big patch of them.  If I knew of someplace to take the mushrooms for identification, I might do so.  But I don’t love mushrooms enough to give them a try out of the wild.

I really do believe in brownies and fairies and toad stools, so there is some enchantment going on around here.  Especially since they are making my mushrooms red in honor of Savvy.


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  1. I love mushrooms . I also love fairies and fantasy sometimes . But you gotta love those mushrooms .


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