Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Animazement 2012

Savvy and her friends have been going to Animazement over Memorial Day weekend for 8 years now.  Animazement is a convention which celebrates all things anime and manga and anything even remotely connected.  And each year it has grown. It first started out in a hotel and has grown now so that it can take over the convention center downtown.  There were about 8000 people there this year.  I had the ‘fortunate’ experience of being a chaperon in their early years.  Now they are on their own.  This is their big weekend…….enjoying something they all love, getting back together after a year of school, and girl’s weekend out, all combined together.

They also coordinate their costumes.  This year they were “My Little Pony” characters.  Luckily, (knock on wood), we got Savvy’s outfit done at the first of the year and were not rushing at the last minute to get it completed.  And rumor has it they are going to do the same costume again next year. 

P5260187 Savvy is the one in yellow.  She’s “Fluttershy” and is a little shy.

But next year, hopefully, I will be there as more than a photographer.  I want to go!  There were several panels on creating costumes I would have loved to have gone to.  And the people watching!  Boy, can you have a field day just sitting around watching people.  So I have my ‘jar’ collecting change to pay for my ticket…..and my costume.

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  1. Haha, awesome clothes and idea for costume! Girl ponies, too funny! What would you wanna dress up as?


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