Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Garden Status May 2

Weather has been sssooooo weird this year.  March was warm, giving hope to early crops.  Then April came along and so did the cool March weather.  However, between the heat of March and the cool of April, I planted tomatoes and peppers and some more herbs. 

But May is heating up, so I have great hopes as the garden looks pretty good.

P5020001  I have Red Brandywine, my Juliette’s, Yellow Pear, a Sungold variety, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Sweet Million….and maybe a couple of other types.  My peppers, right now, are all bell pepper types.

P5020003  Top view.  There is parsley, two types of thyme and rosemary in the corners.  And a couple of blank spots which are seeded with basil and sunflowers.

P5020004  There are blooms and ‘babies’ on some of the plants already.

P5020006  Here I have catnip, lavender mint, mint, yarrow, something unidentified and at the end, some peppers, basil and a tomato.

It should be a good year!


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