Monday, May 21, 2012

Cat Update….or Why I Can’t Do Puzzles…

P5110007This is not a picture of a trash sack.  This is a picture of the trash sack that took about 10 years off my life.  It had contained some clothes a co-worker was passing onto my daughters.  I had pulled them out of the sack and was putting them up until the girls came back home for a visit.  The bags themselves were still good, so I left them on the floor until I came back into the room and put them under the cabinet to use later for trash.  They laid there for awhile.  And one time as I walked by….


the sack grabbed my ankle!


P5110011Maki was going bag to bag to see what she could find to get into and she was in the trash bag.  But having a trash bag grab your ankle is not what you want while cleaning house….or any time for that matter.  All the horror movies I have ever seen flashed through my mind.

Meanwhile, Carroll has embraced the whole idea of a having a fish tank.  Especially since he has figured out how to open up the sliding tray in the cabinet.  Personally, I told him if he wasn’t so fat he wouldn’t need the shelf open.  He ignored my comments and cried for his food.


And finally, I love jigsaw puzzles.  The bigger, the harder, the more pieces, the more I love them.  So in cleaning out lockers at work, some had put 3 1000 piece puzzles out for taking.  I snagged them.  I haven’t worked a puzzle in ages. I was so excited all afternoon at work.  I envisioned an evening of Pandora playing music in the background while serenely putting puzzle piece after piece in place.  I finished chores, got a fresh glass of iced tea and picked out the puzzle I wanted to do first.  After setting up the card table, getting the frame of the puzzle done and some of the sky picked out, I called it a night.  The next day after work, I came home to find this….

P5140014Yep, we moved from fish tank to puzzle box.   Apparently after trying to work on the puzzle, he became so exhausted he had to lay down.  So the puzzle is back in it’s box.  I need to find something to lay over the puzzle while working on it to protect from cats.  Maki was also ‘helping’ while I was working on the puzzle by standing in the middle of the table and biting the puzzle pieces.


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