Monday, March 11, 2013


Doorways are interesting.  Essentially they are a way to go into and out of 'something'.  And there are also metaphorical doorways, as in 'when one doorway closes, another opens'.  Metaphorical doors seem to be everywhere these days for me.  Retirement, new baby in the family, a huge physical move, a project I am working on with someone, school, my own personal projects....the list sometimes seems endless.

But when I was at the arboretum last week, there were some doorways or entrances into different areas of the Japanese Garden area that were intriguing.

Ok, so this isn't Japanese, but it is a doorway of sorts.    Who wouldn't want to go sit in that gazebo on a summer day? 

 Sometimes the opening we have is small and we only get a glimpse of what we need to see. 

Other times we get a whole vista for us to enjoy and comtemplate.  

Other times we get to see only a portion of the path we need to follow and we have to trust we are on the right on.

And then other times we reach our destination just fine.  

(Actually, that huge bell/windchime in the picture I lusted after.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, I will also about 6 feet long and there was no way I could stick it in my pocket and make off with it.)

So I am anticipating all my opening and closing doors with relish.

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