Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Passionate About

I am doing Deepak Chopra and Oprah's 21 day Mediation Challenge.  And today's mediation was about finding balance and also finding something you are passionate about.  Besides, with a mantra like "Yum" it can't be bad, right.

But my passion right now is creating mandalas out of the pictures I take.  They don't take me long to create, maybe 30-45 minutes and the time invested is so soothing.  Picking out what portion of the picture I want to use, deciding how many wedges I want in the mandala are part of it.  But the real reward is when it is finished and the transformation from the picture (which was pretty on it's own) to the completed mandala is magical to me.

So here is today's mandala....a pink camellia, one of the few flowering plants in the winter.  Hardy to the ups and downs of winter weather, yet so beautiful in it's rose-like appearance.  A whole bush of blooming camellias is a delight in the gray days of winter.

 Looking at a camellia is almost like looking at a mandala anyway.  The layers unfurl so symmetrically.  
And this is my mandala........

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