Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday June 26

The past week has been a little strange.  I couldn't seem to get into my 'groove' and get things accomplished.  However, Gibbs, Texter and Lady K are now in Idaho camping with other Marine families and I am here with the dogs.  So while the grass is drying so I can cut it, I am working on a project Texter and I started.  

I had top-stitched the letters and this morning I started putting the blocks together.  All the blocks have all six squares together.  After mowing the yard I will start sewing the block sides together to make the blocks.  This way, when Texter gets back from camping next week, she can stuff the blocks.  A trip to Joann's Fabrics, coupons in hand, are in order to get more polyfil.

Also on my sewing table is this large project.....

This is a Judy Niemeyer pattern which is being taught at Creative Stitches in Helena by a certified instructor.  Since I have fallen in love with her designs, this is giving me the way to go with the patterns.  They are paper pieced, very intricate and to die for.  Once I get a little more done (and a little more organized) I will share what is going on in pictures.

A non-sewing WIP is limoncello.   What could be better on a summer morning than the smell of lemons?

A nice yellow bowl with nice yellow lemon peel in it.  And the smell is wonderful and invigorating (well, maybe not THAT invigorating).

So they are swimming in vodka for the next week.  While they are doing their thing, I have to figure out how to get a bottle of limoncello to Savvy in Arizona.  And question is, what do to with 'naked' lemons.

I know lemonade' would be the logical answer.  However, I would like to do some lemon curd, but I need some lemon zest to do that, which would mean going to buy more lemons.  A lemon meringue pie would be another answer, but I really don't need a pie (want and need are two different things for my waistline.)  They will probably get juiced and go into a container to add to my tea.  There is some mint out in the garden.....minty lemonade?  On the patio?  While waiting for the limoncello to age?  Works for me!

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