Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Morning

Still no pictures this morning. Having problems with the space bar on the laptop. If I try and space with my right thumb (normal), it doesn't always space. So I am having to space with my left.

Anyway, back to work today for awhile. Last night I fixed a wonderful dinner. Fresh green beans, asparagus, tomatoes, home made yeast rolls, sweet potatoes and some beef kabobs. I also have strawberries and watermelon. OD received a quart of blueberries which she carried off to Animazement.

My BF went to Texas about 2 weeks ago to see her father remarry. Then her hubby misstepped and broke his ankle in 3 places. Since there are mobility problems anyway, this is definitely not a good thing. So this week, hopefully he will be released, loaded in a van and brought back to North Carolina. This week I need to go to their house and do some moving and shifting so a hospital bed can be brought in so he can get in and out of bed. And still pack.

SSSoooooo, my plan is to veg yesterday (did that) and today after work. Off work tomorrow for the holiday, so I plan on doing some sorting and packing here. Then after work next week, I'll go over there and do some stuff.

Walking, not as much as I had hoped. Only 59 miles for the month so far. If I get going tomorrow, I might do another long walk. Well, back to getting ready for work.


  1. That meal you fixed made my mouth water. Home made yeast rolls, yum. Hope you enjoyed your holiday. I sure did and thank you for coming for the visit.

  2. Now, my tummy is growling.

    Wow... that sounds like a lot of miles for a month. Your doing great.

    Maybe your computer is just sticking from the heat.


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