Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day and I'm a Bad Daughter

This is the clapotis I have finally finished. Actually, I think I could say I started and finished it in about 2-3 weeks. I started it originally when the clapotis was all the rage and everyone was doing it. I used a really soft and drapey 35% cotton/65% PA (whatever PA is) and had it about 1/2 done. But unfortunately, my brain was just not wrapped around the directions and it was giving me fits. If you have knit the clapotis or have wanted to, it is not a difficult pattern. So I had put it aside.

In my resolve to declutter, I came across it again and decided to finish it up. My office is cool and if I wear sleeveless tops or tees to walk to/from work in, then there are times I get chilly. I needed something to throw across my shoulders and felt this would fit the bill. I pulled it out and after looking at it, frogged it and started over and this time the pattern and I clicked!

About 3 weeks, working mainly at work, and it was finished. And soft and drapey and great as either a scarf or shawl. And tons of compliments. I have had so many, one of the ladies at work wants me to make one for her. So I am sending her off to the yarn store with yardage requirements and I'll knit one up for her. In the meantime, I am working on a Charlotte's Web Shawl and am about 3/5 of the way through it.

But I am a bad daughter this Mother's Day. My Mom's Mother's Day present is still laying on the table, waiting to be decorated. I did find some more fabric paint in my decluttering/packing this past week, but didn't find the time/energy/resolve to finish it up. Maybe today since it is suppose to be a cool, rainy day and I don't plan on any packing, just vegging today. One day off on Mother's Day.

Texter is suppose to drop by today (bringing back my laptop I hope) and OD is resting. They have about 3 more days of practice and then the "Much Ado About Nothing" musical at school is performed. She spent about 8 hours in rehearsal yesterday and is dead to the world. She does need to take clothes up to her room, etc., but am going to cut her some slack today. Even I don't feel like doing anything.

Last month walked almost my 100 miles, 96.5 miles. Down to 212 pounds. So far this month it's 24.95 miles. The rain is my enemy. I don't mind walking when it's cold....really cold even, but the rain. No way. Also, part of my walk is out in the open and I can see myself, with my big umbrella, getting zapped by lightening and going to work fried.

Off to get my toast and slather it with the last of my strawberry jam from past year. Will probably make some more next weekend since strawberries are in. And then I plan on just catching up on blogs and drinking coffee and waiting for the rain.

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