Sunday, March 15, 2009

Book Reading this Week

I, Judy, promise to at least TRY and remember where I got a recommendation of a book to read so I can credit/blame the correct person.


This is labeled as a “techno-thriller” and it does help if you know a little bit about computers, but not necessary.  Also, if you are a MMORPG person, like I am on World of Warcraft, then you will have a deeper appreciation of the storyline (and wonder if you should be playing!)

The story is about a dead creator of a widely (as in worldwide) online game and how, after his death, he continues to live.  The thing is, Daniel Suarez makes it ssssooooooo believable it could happen!

Great read, but like Tom Clancy novels, sometimes all the information you are given overloads the brain cells and you have to put it down.  I think if I tried to read it straight through (although very tempting) I would fry my brain.

And on this rainy day, I will definitely be picking it up between loads of laundry.


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