Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Full Moons

One of these days I will take some really great pictures of the full moon.  We have such great moons at times.  I love the ones where there are some clouds and the moon is seen through the pine trees.


This is my latest picture of the full moon on the water of the pond next to the apartment.  We were talking about the moon the other day at work and no one knew the full moons had “names”.  I called the one in March the “Sap” moon and was explaining how the Native Americans named the moons.  Well, I had the basic premise down, but I had the wrong name.  The Native American called it the “Worm” moon.  But it is called the “Sap” moon by others.  Frankly, in this case, it’s the Sap moon for me.

I was curious and decided to check the list of moon names again and came across this list of Full Moon information on Wikipedia.

January was the “Wolf”  Moon.  Like that, especially since I am a “fang and fur” type of gal.  But another name used is “ice” moon, which has a really interesting picture in my mind.

February was the “Snow” Moon.`Believable.  That’s when we had our first snow this year and when we would normally get it here in North Carolina.

March, I’ve discussed.  It’s also called the “Crow” moon and as my best friend has crows/ravens as her current totem, I would say March is her month.  But this month she had her gall bladder out (at long last) and her husband broke his hip.  So I am reserving calling this her month.

April is the “Pink” moon.  Also called “Fish”, “Seed” and “Waking” Moon.  Fish moon does have an intriguing image.

May is the “Flower” moon.  I see a giant magnolia flower, although May is a little early for them around here.  Or a gardenia.  I think of the wonderful nighttime smells from flowers.  But May is a little early for all of these.  Maybe honeysuckle.

June is the “Strawberry” Moon.  Maybe we could swap out May and June’s names.

July is “Buck” Moon.  I am sure it refers to male deer.  I like “Thunder” moon a little better, although the picture of a stag against a full moon would be a great picture.

August is the “Sturgeon” Moon.  Being in the south, we don’t really have sturgeon.  “Lightning” moon is another name and I like storms.

September (my birthday month) is the “Harvest” Moon.  I’m renaming it “Birthday” moon.

October is the “Hunter’s” Moon.  I’m ok with that.

November is the “Beaver” Moon, which is not a pretty picture.  I like “Frost” or “Snow” moon better.

December is the “Cold” Moon.  English names have it as the “Oak” Moon.  As a lover of the Green Man, I’m going with the “Oak” moon name.

Space.com has more of an explanation of the moons, as well as the exact date and time of the moon in 2009.

Ok, you’ve been MOONED!


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