Thursday, March 26, 2009

Park Update

I have an acute sinus infection.  It sucks to put it bluntly.  But the dog still needs walking.  So before the weather matched how I felt (we are getting rain from Thursday through Sunday….again) I took the dog for a quick, little walk into the park.

What is this?  There is an orange fish on my walkway!


And then a yellow butterfly appears!


What’s going on here?

In the past few years, there have been signs posted around the 2 mile walkway… are entering the purple zone… are entering the orange zone…..

I never knew what they were talking about.  It takes one of the kids to tell me.  In case of emergency, if you call 911 you can tell the EMT’s what “zone” you are in so they can find you quickly.

Now I imagine most people are like myself and can’t remember what zone they are in 2 seconds after reading the sign.  So the parks department came up with this…..


So now, all along the pathway are stencils of the various floral and fauna in the color of the zone you are in.  They are spaced about 20 feet apart so there is no way you can not know what zone you are in.  Finally, a smart idea and good use of my tax money!

And the bench has been redecorated for St. Patrick’s day.  I had some more pictures I took last week, but the camera ate them.


So as soon as the rain ends and I feel better I’ll go back and take some more pictures.  Should be done up for Easter by then.

Off to take my mega antibiotic, snort up nasal spray, take Motrin and crawl into bed. 


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