Friday, March 20, 2009

The Tenth Gift

I have been carrying around a little clipping about this book by Jane Johnson.  I finally unearthed it and picked it up at the library.  Now I’m sorry I waited so long.


I was originally interested in reading this book as it is suppose to be about two women, 400 years apart, who are drawn together by their love of embroidery.  I was disappointed there was not more discussion of needlework in the book than there was, but the story a good one nonetheless.

Julia lives in the modern London, Catherine lived in 1625 and both were master embroiders.  Julia receives a book on old embroidery patterns which has a journal by Catherine written in the margins.  The story Catherine tells leads Julia from England to Morocco to follow Catherine’s story of her kidnapping by pirates and being sold into slavery.

Besides their common love for needlework, Julia and Catherine follow the path of their love lives.  Almost makes you want to head out to Morocco.

Good book, enjoyable read with the story flipping from today to the 1600’s and back again.

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