Sunday, May 17, 2009

500 Miles Plus and Counting…..

I decided a while back I needed to find a way to get off my butt (literally) and get active. So I started walking to work. And stopped. And moved. And started again. And then switched to riding back and forth (which I love doing).

The Virgo in me required I monitor what I was doing in some way. So I joined MapMyWalk to keep track of my distances. (There is also mapmyrun, mapmyride, etc all interlinked) I joined on 11/03/2007.

So, here it is about one and a half years later. I have managed to capture probably about 80% of what I walk/ride. I don’t log the “little” dog walks. I have gone through 2-3 periods where I just didn’t bother to log my walks. And my total miles to date…


That’s right. Over 500 miles!

That’s a savings of 31 gallons of gas or about $107.55.

Most of what I have done to date is walking. Now I am seriously into the riding. To the point I plan out errands around town so I can ride to it. I worked yesterday and on the ride home looked very “French” with the baguette sticking out the back of the bike basket. (We have a lady who works part time in a bakery who brings in the bread left over on Saturday afternoon to work to sell really cheap.) I bought 3 loaves of bread and as I walked off with my purchases I remembered I was on wheels. But it all got home nicely intact.

I have transported plants in the baskets. I have gone to the movies and the book store and yes, bike shop. To drool and lust. On this candy red Trek FX 73.0 bike. The bike shop guy said it was “more aggressive” than what I was riding now (a turtle is more aggressive). Personally, I substituted “sexy”.

I can still put baskets on it. IT HAS GEARS!

Anyway, my goal is to get to 1000 miles by 11/03/2009. I think I can do that easily. And then I would like to do another 1000 between 11/03/2009 and 11/03/2010.


(ps…only about 6 weeks until 21 days of men in spandex…Tour de France!)

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