Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sometimes I’m Just Too Smart

One of my favorite ways to unwind is to go to Border’s Book Store (I will gladly accept gift cards there) and pick up a huge stack of magazines, order a white chocolate mocha or a strawberry cremekula and browse to my heart’s content.

On my last trip to Border’s (Mother’s Day) I picked up PCWorld Magazine because it had one of those “100 best freeware” lists.

I hit the jackpot! Found the answer to at least two burning questions….no, not burning questions, but a couple of things which I didn’t have an answer for.

My first…..on my ITouch….I do have a connection for going straight to YouTube. However, I have to have an internet connection, which most of the time I don’t. But, having no money, I can go to YouTube and get music videos of some songs, especially artists which are pretty unknown. Could not get YouTube videos downloaded into ITunes so I could get onto my player.

Solution: KickYouTube It is a couple of steps to go from YouTube to ITunes to ITouch, but it works and works well.

So now, I have Simon’s Cat Cartoons which are just too funny to watch if you have animals. I have downloaded some Govi, who is a German composer/artist who plays great instrumentals which have a real Spanish guitar, gypsy feel to them. I will eventually get his CD’s (hint, hint out there) because I love to turn them up and clean house.

And OD is a real YouTube buff and has found some things on there which crack me up. So I got her Emodio set to copy them over also.

The second smart thing off my list…..how to get “stuff” from the IPod/ITouch/an MP3 player to another one. Or at least on the computer.

Voila! Sharepod! As you can see, KickYouTube and Sharepod are both from PCWorld so I have a certain amount of trust in the sites they have listed.

But Texter has borrowed IPod’s from friend’s so she could listen to their songs. And since my computer just crashed a couple of weeks ago, I lost all the songs I had loaded on the computer. But they were on my ITouch. Using Sharepod I was able to move the songs from the MP3 player to the computer and from the computer I can move them to wherever I like. Genius!

The best part, they were both easy enough I could do it. Did have a little trouble with Emodio, but that lies in that program itself and I had to download some additional codec so it would convert from MP4 to SVI files.

Don’t I sound all computer-literate!

Anyway, music is now loaded back onto my computer, music has been pulled from a couple of other MP3 players. I’m having fun, it’s time to crank up Govi and clean!

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