Saturday, May 30, 2009

OD’s Final Days……

as a high school student.

These past few days have been very bittersweet at our house.  OD is graduating from high school.  So as things start ending at high school, when she has a minute of down time, she is moaning the loss of her childhood and having to be an ‘adult’.

Prom was the first big step to the end.  There was a whole gang of girls (and a few brave guys) which went together.  A couple of the parents threw a dinner for them before the prom.


She is really proud of the dress, $28 at a consignment store.  She’s had it for a few months now.  She’s my Goodwill Queen.  She would rather have a shopping spree at the thrift stores than the biggest mall.

Her last big step is the theater class production of “Honk”.  She plays Dot, a goose who is a flight attendant.


She loves her theater classes and acting, but realizes she isn’t competitive enough to make acting/theater a career.  She’s going into nursing, but has a couple of local outlets to keep her hand in acting.

My baby is growing up. 

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  1. Truly bittersweet I would think ! The prom drss looks awesome though!


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