Friday, August 07, 2009


I have a ton of left over pens and pencils and had put them into a couple of bins.  And then they sat on my window sill by the computer.  Didn’t like that.

So I had this little makeup case from an old luggage set I picked up at a yard sale several years ago.  I turned it into a pen and pencil holder.


Put some dividers in there to help hold them upright.  And then sorted by type of writing instrument.



I plan on putting some paper on the top so I can test the pens to be sure if they write or not.  It is sitting on the floor and will go on a shelf.  It is more portable than my other method so I can move it to another room if needed.


  1. that is such a neat idea and kuddos to you for thinking of that . talk about multi use and purpose for things . LOL !!!

  2. awesome i look forward to it! and that's a really cool idea for sure, I like the way you made it into something new :)


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