Saturday, August 01, 2009

School (supply) Time!

Even when the temperatures here are in the 90’s and the humidity matches, dreams of school float through my head.  Actually, I like the start of school better than Christmas.  I only have a couple more years where I can blame my purchases on my children (isn’t that why we have them, to blame things on them?).

But all the notebooks and pens and pencils and crayons are coming out by the box load.  Went through Target the other day and a couple leapt into my basket.  Unfortunately, I have to put Target on my banned list since they now have a whole aisle of the neatest notebooks.


I picked up a lined faux purple leather lined “Noted.” notebook.  The paper is manilla and has lined spacing which actually looks a little closer than college ruled paper.  Lines start at the very top of the page.  Can’t wait to get to this notebook for writing.

Then went a little girly and picked up the composition notebook in white and pink.  It has white paper with gray/brown lines.  Like the other notebook, the lines are closer than college ruled.

Then I had to pick up a set of Sharpies in colors, fine-lined.  It was on sale and included one of the new Sharpie pens.  Since my Sharpies usually grow feet, did pick up a set for the Sharpie Queen.

Did pick up another composition notebook the other day and this one is a 3-section one.


Want to win my heart.  Forget about a shopping spree in Tiffany’s.  Forget a fur.  Just turn me loose in an office supply store! 


  1. I'm the same way -- only I don't have kids to blame it on. Hey, not all of us are motivated by diamonds! My mother used to bribe me to go grocery shopping with her with the tantalizing promise of a brand new 3-subject notebook! I think my man is just starting to realize this technique by dangling trips to paper and art stores before my nose... dangerous ;)

  2. I m sure my husband would rather for me to forget to get paper or pens and find another hobby . I dont know about the rest of you but I think letter writing is the kind of on the cheap side of a hobby . Oh well some of us get it and others dont my hubby is a video game person and total email and techie person . go figure .

  3. Ohmygods! I bought composition books this last week too! (even though there are eight empty ones in my file cabinet)

    School supply shopping...makes the geek in me happy! My daughter is 24 and won't let me use her an an excuse to buy school supplies anymore.


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