Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Note Cards

I recently made this card to send off to my mom.


But once I got it done it was so bright and cheerful, I hated to have it for a one time use.  So I scanned it and then printed it out on another piece of blank card stock to send her.

Then I got the idea for this card.


I drew out the design in pencil, water colored the background in 3-4 shades of blue and then colored in the yellow with Sharpies.  It turned out well (at least for me) and I scanned it also.

Then, in a fit of brain power (and seeing the zip lock bag of old stamps which had fallen off the shelf onto the floor), I made this card.


I dumped a lot of stamps onto of my scanner and scanned the page and then printed it out.

But since they are all color ink intensive, what do I do?  I take them to Office Max and have them print them out.  For for $1 a page I get this….


(Oh, at the top, the blue with the heart and skull is my new pencil bag from Borders which I got for $1 and some Paperchase tissue paper for $1.)

I have an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet to write a note on, then folding them over and sealing like a tri-fold card.  Now if I can just get all my letters written.


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  1. wow you truly are creative arent you ? I have paper envy now thanks very much . LOL !!! I am going to have to run to office max, office depot or staples or barnes and noble , yep going to do alot of running today .


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