Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Decorated Recycled Envelopes

Savvy says I can’t send this envelope to her. 


“Eye” can’t image why!

Doing some organizing and cleaning and filing, getting things all neat and pretty for school to start (actually cleaning off my desk so I could use it if I’m honest).  And it going through all the 6000 pieces of mail from the insurance company I get every time I have to drag the girls or myself to the doctor, I had a bunch of blank envelopes with the clear window.

In an effort to be ‘green’ (my favorite color) I decided I would reuse the envelopes to send out letters and notes to people.  But I didn’t want to just stick their address in the opening when there was still plenty of room on the right hand side of the envelope to write an address, so I thought I would put a picture there.

Opened up my folder with all the bits and pieces I had torn out of magazines and selected a few things which I thought would be fun to use.


This is the results.  A pile of decorated envelopes, ready for a quick note and stamp and then off in the mail.  Since these days my ‘paper du jour’ is lined notebook paper, at least having the envelope decorated makes it a little more special.


This is the one Savvy said I could send to her.  The butterflies are both inside and outside the envelope. 

It was fun.  Who knows, a decorated envelope could be on it’s way to you.  Want mail?  Let me know.


  1. ah you see i was one of the lucky recipients of your cute and awesome envelopes and letters . How lovely !!!

  2. Those are great! I love your ideas! I tried decorating the windows with markers, but the results weren't so great. I'll have to try again, following your lead!

  3. Oh I LOVE this idea - do you mind if I borrow it?

  4. I love those envelopes! What a neat idea! The eye one is hilarious :)

  5. Anonymous11:08 PM

    awesome. you can send me mail anytime.

  6. Hi - I just followed a link here from Little Red Mailbox and I wanted to let you know that a piece of your mail art was featured in the latest issue of A Festival of Postcards in the section called The Artful Postcard. You can see it for yourself right here -
    If you're interested in participating directly, then the next entries are on the theme of "Quadrupeds - 4legged animals" and are due by October 20th.
    Evelyn in Montreal


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