Saturday, January 09, 2010

Day 10 and 11 – Another Day of “Errands” and a Day of Planned Nothingness

Yesterday was suppose to be our ‘weather’ event.  Schools in the area delaying opening by 2 hours due to the anticipated snow/ice.  Result….at 430am it was about 40 with a little rain.  Needless to say, our ‘weather event’ was like a bad date…nothing happened, just a waste of time.

However, Savvy had her physical to go to, so we did some book exchanging on campus and then off to the doctor.  I am doubtful of how much ‘doctoring’ actually went on as there was a lot of laughter coming through the wall at the doctor’s office.  And I was left stilling in the waiting room with 5 year old magazines.

Dropped Savvy off at her house and then come home of find the Texter had slipped getting out of the shower and really messed up her knee.  Of course, by this time the regular doctor was closed and it was off to the urgent care office.  So about 8pm we get back home, her knee wrapped and instructions for a week of ice packs, motrin and rest.  But where’s my drugs!


So this weekend is COLD!  But luckily the ice is confined to the pond.  My plans for today….a little studying, a little reading, a little nothing.

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  1. wow that sounds like an interesting evening I hope the kiddo is alright .Yeah where are my drugs ? LOL !!!


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