Monday, January 04, 2010

Day 8 – Yoga Toes

I can now continue my quest to become a true yogini….

I have ‘yoga toes’ now.


Not expertly done, but at least I could bend over far enough to get to my toes.

Of course, they were suppose to be this color.


But the nail polish was in the post-apocalyptic room of Texter and even yoga toes was not worth opening the door and venturing in.  I did not want to lose my “Zen”.

So Savvy and Noel are back at their ‘dorm’ – ie dad’s home.  Another doctor’s appointment for Texter also accomplished today.  And past medical ‘stuff’ was unearthed for insurance payment verification.  I really hate insurance companies.  Now there I can lose my ‘Zen’ without even trying.  Only one errand tomorrow to fax all the papers to the insurance company.  I plan to bury them in “verification” and then resume my feeling of calm and housework.

Wednesday school starts!  Hurray!

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  1. wow sounds like you are jonesing for school . glad you enjoyed your holiday .


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