Tuesday, January 12, 2010

End of Vacation and an Art Project

Yep, vacation is at an end.  The ice in the pond is slowly melting with the warming temperatures and I have one last thing to do.

I received last month a little craft project in the mail with instructions to use and post my results.  Easy enough.  In fact, Texter took over and wanted to save the project for friends coming over for New Year’s.

Well, that didn’t turn out, so this morning I decided I needed to “experiment” and try out this glue.


I had not heard of Uhu Glue when I got their sample in the mail with the project.  The project was to make little glass bead magnets.


I pulled out some samples of things I had in my scrap paper file and applied the glue to the back of the  glass bead and stuck it onto the paper.

I have to say I am really impressed with the holding power of the glue.  The first one I put too much glue on and thought it would just slip around.  IT STUCK!  And the glue dries just as clear as can be.  I think the pictures which were simple and black and white came out better under the bead, but was very pleased how the magnets turned out.

DSCN0467I have them on a tin bucket I put pens and pencils in by my desk so I can use them on my magnetic note board.

The Uhu Twist & Glue bottle is very innovative twisty cap and by turning the cap you can do little dots or a thin stream of glue.  Turn the bottle and you can make a wider glue stream.  I’m impressed and can’t wait to use it on other projects.  It seems to dry fairly quickly and very clear.  I’d buy it.  Check Uhu out.


  1. I know I love the uhu glue . I got some of the purple color and I love it too . I had never heard of it either before a sample was sent to me . Yes I would buy it too .

  2. Thanks, Judy! Love your magnets and delighted you liked the UHU!


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