Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Day 9 – Shrinking Donuts, Meyer Lemons, and More

Today, since up from Sarge walking at 530am, I took myself over to work to use the fax machine to fax 16 pages to the insurance flexible spending account people to ‘document’ purchases made almost a year ago.  What I would really like to do to the pay flex people is illegal, so I had to be content to give them more paper than they could possibly need, so maybe they will unfreeze my account.

So anyway, on the way home in the dark and 19 degree weather, after putting gas in the car, I decided today was ‘donut’ day.  I haven’t been to Daylight Donuts in over a year, so breaking down today.  I reside in the home of Krispy Kreme, which despite my fondness for sugar, I really don’t like.  They are too heavy.  Donuts should be light, with a light coating of glaze, preferably warm from just being fixed.  Daylight Donuts does it for me.

Now I realize things change in your memory, especially if you have been away from them for awhile.  But honestly, I picked up the donut and it’s almost 1/2 the size it use to be….but of course no change in price.  I was dismayed.  Not that I needed full size donuts anyway, but really!

Another thing (one of those weird things you think about) which has been on my mind is Meyer Lemons.  I watch the cooking shows and they all use them and go on about how good they taste, sweeter than regular lemons, etc, etc.  So I had Meyer lemons on the brain lately.  And I found some yesterday at Whole Foods.


They are more orange in color than a lemon, but shaped like a lemon.  And their skin looks a little thinner.  So I am going to fix lemonade with them for lunch today and try and save the peelings or go ahead and zest them and save it for future use.  Stay turned for Meyer Lemonade review later on.

Today is ‘clean’ day, starting with my room.  Get it back to serenity status before school starts tomorrow.   And do laundry at the same time.  I have a stack of laundry a horse couldn’t jump over from the past week.  Texter is putting up Christmas stuff, back into the boxes and back into the closet.  Then I might let her try my lemonade.

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  1. Always good to have help my dear . I hope you like the lemonade made with meyers lemons .


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