Sunday, December 26, 2010

Elizabeth vs Victoria

Disclaimer:  I am not an expert on British history in any form or fashion.  What I do know is I can locate Great Britain on a map and I know they had history.


Everything I have been watching lately has an accent.  Not a New Yorker, or Southern, but British (or Scottish) accent. Why?  Don’t know, other than I seem to prefer British humor and they have better shows.  We are talking Dr. Who, Duchess of Duke Street, Young Victoria, Torchwood, Primeval and the like.  (Note:  If you liked Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then watch season two of Torchwood.  “Spike” and Jack Harkness lay one on each other.)

So got to thinking.  Yes, I do that occasionally.  What if Elizabeth I and Victoria met each other?  How would they feel about the other?

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What they had in common was (1) they were both female, (2) they ruled England for a significant number of years and (3) they both had eras named after them.

Elizabeth grow up never really knowing if she was the adored princess or if her head was going to be served on a platter for dinner that night.  Not an easy childhood.  Victoria, on the other hand, was sheltered and protected, almost to the extreme.

Victoria was a bit frumpy, especially in her later years.  Elizabeth was a fashion horse to the end.  No frump there.

Elizabeth – unmarried.  Victoria – married and mourned Albert almost to the extreme when he died.  Sorry, but laying out someone’s clothes every day after they died – a bit much. Children – Vicky, yes, Beth, no.

Now this is where my history gets really wonky, but I’m going ahead anyway.  I think Elizabeth had a tougher time with her reign.  After all, woman had less freedom to begin with in her day and she had an uphill battle proving herself fit to rule.  And rule she did.  She comes across as one smart cookie.  Victoria, on the other hand, I think had more guidance she felt she could trust.

But the question, how would they feel about each other?  Torn there.  They would either dislike each other for all their differences or they would be sisters in arms because they were both Queens of England.

Ok, thought enough for the day.  Going for a nap now.

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