Saturday, December 25, 2010

TV Nostalgia Continues

After thinking about the great television of the past, especially on Sunday nights, I moved backwards to Saturday afternoon movies.  Yep, those great cheesy movies that captured our time on Saturdays.

One of my favorites was the Hercules movies.  No great acting, but lots of Mr. World running around in skirts, bare-chested.  Steve Reeves was one of my favorites, although back then I don’t think I thought of him as anything but Hercules.

Of course, Kevin Sorbo as Hercules did pique my interest in later years and he wasn’t nearly as scantily clad.

And then, a far second in my Saturday afternoon movie watching, was Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan.

HHHmmmmmmmm……seems to be a theme here.  Loincloths, shirtless…..  No wonder I enjoyed Saturday afternoon movies so much!

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