Sunday, October 30, 2011

School Work

This is one type of homework I have been doing recently.

pencil contour drawing of hand  A drawing of my hand for my sketchbook assignment.  And this is my major assignment for the week….in charcoal.

3 scarves for lesson 10  This is a drawing of this……

three scarves for lesson 11  Not the whole thing, just a portion of it are we suppose to focus on.  I like my plaid scarf portion.

And this is some Photoshop work I did with some images for an assignment last week.

fairly-frightening  I really need to have the horse blend in a little better, or remove entirely, but we needed to use 3 pictures.  I am also working on logos for Savvy Clay and my ‘web design’ portfolio.  Those coming this afternoon.

So this is where my time is spent these days.


  1. You can tell you are enjoying school . I love the drawings excellent .

  2. Great projects you're working on! I wish I could e in some of those classes too. Your hand sketch is really lovely! Well done !


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