Sunday, October 09, 2011

There’s a Different Light

Besides the dip in the thermometer, there is another sure-fire way to know it’s autumn.  There is a change in the light. 

PA070010  There seems to be s softness to it.  Not the crisp, bright light of spring or the strong beam of summer, but a gentle light.  There is a bit of a glow to it.  Almost a sadness.


The light as I walk the dogs seems a little tired, like it has used up all it’s energy to warm us and it apologizing for the cold bit of winter to come.

PA070028  I love the light in fall.  It’s peaceful.  Spring has that energy to it.  Summer just plain wants to boil you.  Winter bites at you.  But fall just wraps you in a warm shawl about your shoulders. 

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  1. I think you captured the essence of fall perfectly.


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