Sunday, October 02, 2011

Homework and More Homework

I go to work.  I come home and do homework.  I take homework to work with me.  All I seem to do is homework these days.  But that’s fine, because I enjoy school and don’t mind the homework.  However, I have had some assistance which is a little more assistance than I need.

Macchiato, or Maki for short, has emerged from my bedroom into the rest of the house.  Especially if I am at the big desk working.

P9300009  Maki feels it is his responsibility to assist…by getting into any and everything on top of my desk.

P9300013  Helping with the computer is another favorite activity.  Usually punctuated by walking across the keyboard several times.  Luckily, I usually lock my touch pad and use a mouse, so not much damage is done.

And when Maki is not on the desk, then the top of my chair is a favorite perch.  That way my hair can be eaten.  That activity earned him his first claw trimming as kitty acupuncture was not what I had in mind.

P9290003  I think, like diving in the Olympics, I should get extra credit for the difficulty of my task.  This is worse than a child.  At least they will settle down and watch a DVD.


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  1. Well just think how boring your life would be without the Maki . LOL !!!


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