Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Christmas Wreath Project

I have been doing bits and pieces of art.  Some for class, some for myself.  I started this wreath and hope to get some orders from people at work for Christmas.  Just have to finish it up in the next day or two and do a second one that I will try and spray paint.

PA140057  It’s made out of pages from an old book and rolled into a cone.  Lots of them!  PA140061 And you build three layers of them to finally come up with this…..

PA140062  It’s not finished yet.  I have to mount it on a colored foil covered foam core board and put a bow or Christmas balls in the center.  But I used an old dictionary for the pages and they are larger than the normal page you would find in a hardback book.  So the wreath is HUGE!  It will make a great focal point in a room. 

I have a couple of ideas beyond what was given in the original instructions.  I am thinking of spraying the wreath with “snow” and making it white.  On a dark blue background, with white, blue and silver balls in the center.  And then too, since it will be mounted on foam core, I am thinking of taking a string of lights and putting in the center.  I could either do a hole in the center of the board for the wire, or with all the cones, a wire coming down would be pretty well hidden.  We will see.

Of course, the cones are just the right size for Maki to stick his head in each one, checking it out.  When finished, I will show pictures of the final wreath.


  1. It looks like it will be beautiful .I would love to see the final product as well . You are so creative .

  2. I can not wait to see the end product ..... please give all the instructions.... thank you
    This would have been nice to see it on a video too


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